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APG 'Eat Your Greens' Book Review by Alison Hoad

eat your greens book cover with quote from the article.

I would urge anyone who is interested in how to create demand for brands in the 21st Century to read this book. Dip into it and you’ll find an Aladdin’s Cave of insight, provocation and importantly evidence that will help you market your brands better in today’s world. Like any Aladdin's Cave, there is huge diversity in the treasures that can be found here. Some articles burned brighter than others, which highlighted what the golden nuggets were for me personally and set me thinking about how to best apply them. Not in a theoretical sense, but more immediately, it made me ask, more than once, how do I apply this to the challenges I am working on right now. You will walk away from this Aladdin’s Cave not only wiser about what it takes to be a marketer in today's world, but I’d wager, more excited about being one too.

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