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How Not to Plan - A Review by Martin Weigel

Zombie ideas, old-wives’ tales, creaking myths, the promises of snake oil salespersons, hand-me-down anecdote, self-styled (and self-serving) best practise, survivorship bias, received wisdom, invitations to stupidity disguised as appeals to common sense, data-free wisdom, orthodoxy, rules of thumb, declarations that this that or the other is now “dead”, wishful thinking, good ol’ fashioned humbug… Bad advice. It’s everywhere in Ad- and Marketing Land. Perhaps this accounts for why every generation of marketer seems to be so unrelentingly intent upon repeating the misjudgements, errors and SNAFU’s of the past. When most books about marketing or advertising merely add to the landfill of calorie-free advice and are long copy exercises in self- or business-promotion, Les Binet and Sarah Carter aren’t here to sell you on some cure-all, win-all universal theory of life, planning, the universe and everything. They just want you to fuck up a little less often. From objective setting to the use of research to the setting of budgets to effectiveness, Binet and Carter dismantle one myth at a time , providing along the way practical checklists and case studies illustrating good planning thinking in action. It was time a good, practical book written by experienced practitioners was written about the planning craft. My only wish is that there will be a Volume 2 (and 3 and 4...) After all, there many more zombies out there waiting to be killed.


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