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How Not to Plan - A Review by Paul Feldwick

Today, we have a better and more soundly based understanding of how to make effective advertising than ever before. And this book, a reworking of a long running series in Admap, distils that understanding into 66 short chapters. Les Binet and Sarah Carter not only know all the theory and the evidence (the references are all there are the back), but they’ve proven the principles for themselves through sixty years’ experience at one of the world’s greatest ad agencies. They write clearly and entertainingly, there’s little if anything I would disagree with, and it’s hard to think of anything they’ve left out.

I wish everyone would read, mark, learn and inwardly digest this book. Not just about ‘planning’, it’s far too important just to be read by planners or strategists. But will marketing directors, creative directors, digital gurus, CEOs and investment analysts take the time to study it, and reflect on the important truths it contains for each of them and the way they do their jobs? Will ISBA or the Marketing Society make it required reading, and will Binet and Carter top the bill at next year’s Cannes Festival? Well, we can live in hope.


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