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How Not to Plan - A Review by Katie Mackay-Sinclair

It seems somewhat oxymoronic to write a review of a book that cautions against passion; warns us to be wary of making people think; and recommends we ignore the new. You see, one of the best lessons within “How Not to Plan,” is that sometimes it’s sensible not to make sense. Yet make sense this book most certainly does. In eschewing received wisdoms and busting myths, Les and Sarah reveal how lucky we are to do the job we do – and if we do it well, we can make anything interesting.

“How Not to Plan” is a wonderfully liberating read. A brilliant reminder that real people are illogical and contradictory, and certainly don’t care much about ads. So be careful about reality and numbers (both lie); don’t shy away from the category generic; and always look out for the dogs that bark in the night.

I wish “How Not to Plan” had been around when I got into the industry, but having read it cover to cover many years later, I still learned a lot. I will be buying it for everyone in my team, and recommend it to every single one of you.


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