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The future's bright

‘The future’s bright. The future’s Orange’ is one of my all-time favourite lines. Used to launch the Orange mobile service in the 90’s, it’s hard to conceive now that an advertising end-line could have such a grip on the collective consciousness. But this campaign did. And the line is still so powerful in my imagination that when I was writing the questionnaire for the APG’s AI survey earlier this year, it inspired a final, visually-based question about how people are feeling about the future with AI.


I miss that unalloyed optimism about technology. But I am optimistic about planners and strategists and how we are engaging with it. So please fill in our survey so that the APG AI working groups can shape their recommendations on behalf of everyone. We’ll debrief everything for you all, of course with a big bang of ideas and thinking early Autumn/Fall.


It’s a short (ish) and fun questionnaire, adding to and updating the one from earlier this year.. It won’t take more than 6 minutes. I’ve timed it. 


If you were working for a magic circle law firm in London you could bill that time to a client for zillions of pounds. If you’re a planner in an agency, you can gift the time to the community and the APG. 


Believe me, you’ll feel better for it. 


As always, the more people fill it in, the more robust the findings. Thank you. Our appreciation is near infinite.

Sarah Newman

APG Director



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