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Neuroscience (with Professor Gemma Calvert)

As we understand more about how human beings really work, old ways of thinking are challenged and new models and methods to understand consumers emerge. Neuroscience is a field which has produced such leaps in understanding over the past decade – yet at the same time has led to heated debate amongst advertising and marketing practitioners. But how much do you really know about developments in neuroscience?

Gemma Calvert has a unique career blending an academic background in Psychology and Brain Imagery with years spent in the marketing industry. She has over 15 years experience in the commercial application of modern brain imaging methods for marketing and manufacturing, and set up her company Neurosense in 1999.

Gemma talked to the APG about the theory and application of neuroscience, particularly in the area of brands and marketing, and helped us get up to speed with the latest learnings and developments.

(Video is not available)

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