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'Lets get it on' Boosting Relationships in the Agency

Having good relationships beyond your fellow planners is vital. Being on good terms with account management, creatives and above all clients can kill or cure ideas.

But what the hell do they all want? How can you be all things to all people? And are they always right?

In this session, we'll hear about Planner Hell and Planner Heaven from…

- Preethi Maroli, Global Business Director at JWT

- Mick Mahoney, ECD of RKCR Y&R

- and Fiona Lovatt, ex-Head of Marketing at Twinings, Magners and the BBC

Once we've heard the best and the worst, the conclusion is up to you.

We'll break into working groups to discuss how to turn talk into action - what you can start doing tomorrow to boost your relationships. Our speakers will chime in with their points of view, and maybe (hopefully) spark some debates.

As usual at APG YP we'll decamp to a local pub afterward for more drinks and chat.

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