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Video Effectiveness


APG have partnered with YouTube to launch the inaugural YouTube Works for Brands initiative. This aims to highlight the growing importance of the video sector and create a compelling collection of effectiveness case studies beneficial to the strategy community as a whole.

Chaired by Craig Mawdsley, Joint CSO of AMV BBDO, the judges will be awarding UK campaigns that have achieved effectiveness through their use of YouTube.

Check out these top three tips from the judges at the YT Works Launch event;

1. Don’t underestimate the power of clear logical thinking. Although you need strong results, you don’t need a complicated econometric model to make a strong case. You just have to convince the judges that YouTube played an important role in effectiveness.

2. It’s not just about lots of views. Views might be part of the case but are not an effectiveness metric. Engagement and interest in the channel is not the end but a means to an end.

3. Being clear on what YouTube’s role was in the mix will be critical to the success of your paper. It doesn’t have to have been the star player - what’s important is showing how you used it effectively

Winning entries will feature work that's capitalised on YouTube's products and features to deliver an impact on business results, for a brand or on wider culture.

It's free to enter by written submissions. Check out the website.



* Entries open now

* How to Win event Tues 24th Jan 5.30pm @ Google

* Entries close mid March

* Judging end of March

* Winners announced April


Email by 20th Jan if you'd like to attend our How to Win event.

Good luck!

YouTube Works for Brands Team

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