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Information Diet | Kevin Chesters

This is part of the series 'How to be Curious - Cognitive Fitness for Planners' by Ian Leslie, our APG Guest Editor during April 2018. He believes that strategists need to be curious and stay curious and the only way to do that is to excersise your brain as you do your body. One important aspect of fitness is diet.

Here he gives you a look at the information diets of different strategists, via a Q&A.


Kevin Chesters| Chief Strategy Officer at Ogilvy & Mather

1. Outside of ad industry/marketing sources, what are your daily must-reads for information?

2. Which websites, if any, do you go to when you want to spark new ideas and insights?

See above

Tend to get regularly lost in Wikipedia

3. Are there any magazines/periodicals you read regularly?

4. Are there particular writers you find to be a regular source of insight and inspiration?

Simon Kuper (FT Weekend)

5. Which social media, if any, do you find most intellectually stimulating?

6. When and how do you find time to read books, and do you pursue any particular reading strategy (fiction vs non-fiction, recommendations, etc)?

Military History

Political Biography

Graham Greene

7. Is there a book or books that changed the way you think about your work?

8. What topic would you most like to learn more about?


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