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Why it’s good to be a member of the APG

When you become a member of the APG you get a lot of really useful free stuff like access to our Think Tank with awards papers, video talks and strategic models, and lots of events that are either free or heavily discounted to APG members.

You also become part of a bigger community of planners and strategists who are a uniquely nice and helpful bunch, often happy to volunteer or give their time to train, support and mentor other planners. We pioneer important things on behalf of the community, like Right to Disconnect and Time to Think and bring together planners at different levels for mentoring or to take part in groups like the Heads of Planning Forums.

Here is a list of all the things you can enjoy and learn from as a member of the APG:

New Member Meet and Greet held monthly for new members to hear about what we do and get to know each other.

Think Tank: This has 300 winning case histories, inspirational videos including presentations of the Gold award winners from 2021, Top Talks by leading strategists, and a series of downloadable docs detailing practically how to use different Strategic Models in cracking problems and developing strategies.

Head of Planning Forums: Groups of senior strategists meeting to network and get things done.

Mentoring sessions for planners who might be in the earlier stages of their careers and are looking for ways to get their feet under the table in their roles.

'How To' events for junior and mid-weight planners, a series of events covering important planning and strategy skills. Led by industry greats and all for just a fiver.

Live events in agencies: Informal and stimulating, with provocative topics and excellent speakers and a chance to have a drink and chat to other planners.

APG Training Courses pitched at different levels from junior to leadership, only open to members. Here's what we have on the blocks this Summer/early Autumn. To find out more email

APG Creative Strategy Awards 2023 also only open to members.

We'd love to welcome you to our community. We are here to support you as best we can. If you would like to chat more about membership, please get in touch with

For annual membership costs, go here.

Sarah Newman

APG Director

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