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APG Strategy Skills Therapy

This is a new series of online 'skills therapy' sessions for mid-weight planners and strategists. 

Each one will look at a different skill or approach with the help of one or two top practitioners.  It's a kind of online therapy session where you get to hear a couple of perspectives on a subject like career planning, or creativity, or being more productive and then discuss them as a group and ask questions of the main speakers.


We are going to have a max of 12 people for each one.  They are designed for 'mid weights' of about 3 to 6 years in planning.

We'll charge a notional fee of £10+vat to make sure that people turn up.  As always, if you can't make it please let us know and we'll give your place to the next on the list.


They are designed to be informal 'safe' spaces for discussion and enquiry.  The first ones are an experiment so let us know what you think and as always we will adapt and change as appropriate.

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'Inspiring Creativity'

with Jo Arden and Loz Horner

28th April 2020 | 4pm-5pm BST)
16th April

This is the first in a new series of on-line 'skills therapy' sessions for mid-weight planners and strategists.  


It will cover getting to know and understand your number one audience; the creatives you work with. This is about framing things in the best way to get the attention of the people you need to inspire. From writing a brief to briefing, to feeding their process along the way


Jo and Loz are the first lovely, top strats to offer their time and wisdom.  The idea is to create a safe, useful space for people to reflect on a particular skill or way of working.  There will be the chance to discuss how it all works in practice with them, and with each other.


If you would like to join the session, please pick up a ticket below: 

Loz Horner
About Loz Horner

Loz Horner is a Strategist at Lucky Generals

Jo Arden.jpeg
About Jo Arden

Jo Arden is the CSO at MullenLowe Group London. There she leads a multi-discipline strategy group to create ideas that make positive impact to people and the world. Recent work includes We are the NHS, Bupa’s Is This Normal and a new brand idea for The Co-operative Bank, For People With Purpose. Jo thinks that strategy is the most fun job in the world, not just in advertising!

'Career Planning'

with Vicki Holgate and Will Whalley

Monday 20th April | 4pm-5pm BST
20th April

Lots of people are using this time to reappraise where they are in their career, or perhaps have been forced to by the commercial realities of the businesses they are part of. This is about mentors sharing their career journey, the back steps as well as the forward, and how they now value that experience. We can touch on family and parental leave but this is for everyone as we all embrace new paths to our future.


It's a chance to get a new perspective on your working life, ask questions and share ideas in a safe and supportive environment.  Both Vicki and Will have worked in agencies and have now gone 'client-side'.  They will reflect on different kinds of work experience and the benefits and downsides of different career moves.

Vicki Holgate.jpg
About Vicki Holgate

Vicki Holgate is Effective Creative Excellence Director at Diageo and APG Chair.  She is a former planner and CSO, twice winner of the APG Grand Prix

Will Whalley
About Will Whalley

Will Whalley is Head of UK Ads Platform Marketing at Google and a former Board Account Planner at AMVBBDO 

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