APG Noisy Thinking: “Whoever ‘owns’ the data, owns the conversation” 3rd September

Time and place: 6.30pm at AMV BBDO, 151 Marylebone Road, London NW1 (ticket holders only as the event is now fully booked).

3rd September, holidays over, back to school – it’ll be time to brush up on your maths. Horrified? You needn’t be. Come and join the Noisy Thinking “Data” debate and get a new perspective from Rory Sutherland, Andy Nairn and Sue Unerman.

Knowledge is power. And increasingly it’s not knowledge we covet so much as data. Numbers may be no more objective and useful than any other insight but we revere numbers and their ability to sanction the most important business decisions.

Data: The New Oil. Data terrify, thrill, and bore us in equal measure. But data hold the power to shape the future if we know how to use and control them to our advantage.

Of course, it’s clients who own the data. But the battle between the agencies for strategic ascendancy is fought over where data reside, who has access and what they’re actually able to do with it.

Are creative agencies losing out because they’re finding it harder to make systematic use of data (despite feeling like they should be using it somehow)?

Are media agencies in control because they live and breathe the numbers? Or do they start with the numbers but never get to great ideas?

Do integrated agencies use data brilliantly but end up atomising audiences and fail to deliver big brand shifts?

Or none of the above? What do you think? If you’re not sure, then you’d better get up to speed.

Slogging it out live on stage, our three speakers will be:

Sue Unerman, Chief Strategy Office of Mediacom, who Campaign says is “fast becoming the grande dame of media planning”. Sue is a big believer in Telling The Truth (her book’s out now)

Rory Sutherland, Vice Chair Ogilvy Group, who believes behavioural economics can do for marketing what The Ramones did for music. He is also enthused by the experimental possibilities of better, faster data – but only if it is married to a healthy, Hayekian scepticism towards treating human behaviour as if it obeyed simple, Newtonian laws.

Andy Nairn, who is Data’s Darling. Chief Strategy Officer at Dare, he has a first class degree in Law that he eschewed in favour of a more creative life. Along the way he’s managed to win 24 IPA Effectiveness Awards, including the 2005, 2007 and 2010 Grand Prix.

Venue: Central London, to be confirmed.
Time: 6.30pm, finish about 8pm
Tickets: Whether APG member or non-member, please get your ticket from our Eventbrite site here. At the door, APG members will enter free and non-members will be asked to pay the usual £15.

Important! Places may be limited, so if you book and cannot attend, please cancel your ticket via Eventbrite – how? see here

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    • We’d like to help bring the out-of-Londoners together and we’re working with Gemma to do that – within the limits of our resources… We try to film everything possible so you can still enjoy the content of Noisy Thinking or Theoretical Futures for example even if you can’t be at the event. Anyone else who is interested in helping with the out-of-London project, please get in touch with me. Sarah Newman

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