Are you a generalist or specialist?

Should my job title on LinkedIn be 'experience design architect' or 'planner'?

  • Should you be a generalist or a specialist?

  • Which is better for long-term career prospects?

  • What are other junior planners doing?

This stuff majorly affects early career choices - where you work, on what, with whom.

On 19th March at JWT, we've got the awesome Neal Fairfield, Head of Planning @ BMB and the mighty David Hackworthy, CSO @ Fallon to give us their two cents.

But this is no lecture - we'll be opening the floor to the junior planners of London for a round of pointed questions, challenges and (fingers crossed) some controversy.

Think of it as Question Time mixed with a rap battle.

We'll book-end the debate with drinks and chat with young planners from across London, and hastening to the pub in Knightsbridge afterward.

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