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Top posts from the community | January 2020

This year we’ve decided to celebrate some of the wonderful creativity and knowledge from the APG community by sharing the top posts we’ve seen each month.. With so many avid bloggers among the planning and wider marketing sphere it would be a shame not to share the latest and most up-to-date thinking. Below you’ll find (in no particular order) the best posts we’ve seen in January.

By Claire Hutchinson

Incisive article by Claire Hutchinson. While John Lewis are investing heavily in trying to ‘create culture’ with a blockbuster Christmas ad, Greggs has become culture. And Greggs are giving back £7mill in bonuses to staff. Purpose, bravery and insight win.

By Mark Ritson

Ritson looks at the recent Tourism Australia campaign and how a great strategy can not anticipate and predict the real world.

By Rory Sutherland

In this piece Rory Sutherland looks at the need to rediscover limitations in the workplace.

By David Wilding

A nice piece from David Wilding full of good sense, in praise of the lost art of compromise, and how to get a bit of a win-win from thoughtful media planning.

By Dave Trott

Dave Trott speaks of what we can learn from Riedel about growing markets by increasing complexity.

By Jim Carroll

For the classicists out there, this article from Jim Carroll considers the contemporary lessons that can be learned from Homer and Virgil.

By Martin Weigel

A big piece from Martin Weigel on corporations 'filling the vacuum' left by declining democracies and the need for a revival of balancing 'radical imagination'. This is serious, well researched thinking and argument and repays careful reading.

By John Harrison

Nobody watches ‘live TV’ anymore, or do they? John Harrison does some myth busting around TV viewership and digital advertising.

By Rob Campbell

In his blog Rob Campbell focuses on short-termism and literal execution of client briefs.

By Anjali Ramachandran

With ad-blocking at an all time high Anjali looks at the situation from all perspectives and delves into possible solutions that could benefit agencies, the consumer and publishers.

By Sirin Kale

Although not in keeping with the rest of the articles on this list, we found this article about our feline friends and the divisions they are causing across Britain interesting so we hope you do too.

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